We invite you to come to San Pedro Square. Soon. Be amazed and inspired. Be entertained. Enjoy the electric vibrations and peaceful atmosphere. No place on the planet, much less San Jose, is quite like San Pedro Square.
Top things to see and do, in no particular order:

Catch a show

The Tabard Theatre Company performs at the tucked away Theatre on San Pedro Square, but entices and compels performing arts fans to see its first-rate productions.

Historic Arch

Start here on your exploration of San Pedro Square. Look for the flags of the Sharks players and other special effects when the playoffs or special events come to town.

European-style café seating beckons

Relax, sit back and let the world come to you. San Jose’s perfect spring, summer and fall weather allows for shirt-sleeves to be worn in the shade day and night. Take advantage of an abundance of outdoor sidewalk and patio seating. If you blink, you might think you were in a European capital … that can only wish its weather was so nice.

Get a piece of history

Peralta Adobe and Fallon House set San Pedro Square apart. Be sure to allow an extra half hour during your visit to rekindle San Jose’s origins.

Make your own adventure

Be a kid and have a game of hide-and-seek, or put on a scavenger hunt. When the Farmers’ Market is open, check to see what kind of promotions might occur. You’ll never know when you might be entered into a cherry-pit spitting contest or pie-eating contest. Don’t let its sophisticated look fool you – county fair-like fun can be had at San Pedro Square.